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My Favorite Green(er) Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are one of the more confusing products to switch out when starting your eco-friendly journey.

I am always looking for easy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. This category is challenging because sometimes you just want things to work quickly. We are all busy. I dont know anyone who would want to spend more time cleaning than they have to. My favorite go-to brand is Dr. Bronners. I love how versatile the soap is. I love that I can have one product that can get a majority of my home clean.

I live in a small apartment with very limited storage. This means only having a few bottles to clean my floors, my counters, the bathroom, and my clothes is so helpful. I have also noticed it also helps to save money. Yes, buying a gallon is a big chunk of change, however, that gallon will last me all year and I am able to clean most things with that same bottle. I have both the Sal Suds and Castile Soap. In addition to these the only other cleaning agents, I have are a bottle of Bon-Ami and a window cleaner. Thats it. I always keep vinegar and baking soda on hand as well.

A couple of tablespoons of Dr Bronners cleans my Iaundry wonderfully and makes it smell fresh and clean. Mix a little bit of Dr Bronners and water in a bubble up dish and you have clean dishes. A few drops will quickly wash the sink and tub. Add a few drops and some baking soda or washing soda and you have a sparkling toilet.

I have linked the dilution cheat sheets below but the cheat sheets come on every bottle and the solutions are pretty endless!

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